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Worried about something trivial? Can't sleep at night because you've been worrying for 3 days straight?
We can help.

Worried that someone leaves teabags in the sink? Or if Paul noticed you forgot his partner’s name? Or maybe you’re concerned about the traffic on the ring road or someone’s unfriended you on Facebook. Worry no more. You’ve come to the right place.

Every day we worry for people like you

So here’s something no authors on the planet have ever offered their readership. For absolutely no fee whatsoever, we will take on your minor worries. Yep, the whole burden. Gav will take half and Andy the other. All you need to do is email us using the form below with a couple of lines about the shit you’d like us to worry about.

You can be certain that we’ll then worry about it for you, leaving you free to skip along, unburdened and fret-free.

Did you know?

85% of things worried about don't happen. The average human spends a total of 72 YEARS worrying. People tend not to worry about things they read on the internet being true.

Let us worry about those worries that you really worry about.

Gav’s offering an extra service called ‘over-thinking’ (his specialty) in which he’ll take your issues and ruminate on them. He’ll mull them over and over and over before coming to no final solution, just like you would do yourself.

What a wonderful result! You can sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that Gav isn’t. He’s in his dressing gown, pacing up and down until 4am. Now that's service.

Some of the worries we've recently worried about...

"Which of the socks I’m wearing is the one that doesn’t match?"

Worried about on behalf of Brian from Bolton

"I wore the same suit twice last week, did anyone notice?"

Worried about on behalf of Ken from Newcastle

"Why is a chilli pepper called ‘chilli’, when it’s actually red hot?"

Worried about on behalf of Lucy from Shropshire

Send us your worry...

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Worry less. Shine more.

We get it. You've sent us your worries, but now you're worried about what you're going to do with all this free time you have? Well, why not learn how to SHINE.

The ideas described in this book may be hazardous or even fatal to your ego. Your desire to ′look good,′ ′be right′ and ′prove your self–worth′ may dissolve. There will be a striking reduction in conflict in your relationships. You may put the past back in the past and start living more fully in the present.

There is also a series of side–effects. The lifting of the weight of the world from your shoulders will result in a spring in your step and, beware, when you breeze into work with a genuine smile, people will be saying nice things about you behind your back. You will feel significantly happier, with frequent outbursts of joy. In extreme cases, you may even fall ′head over heels′ in love with life.

If you grasp the principles at a deep level, you will feel so amazing that the SHINE leaks out of you and ′infects′ those around you.

You have been warned. You will probably never need to see a doctor again. This book will seriously change your life and the lives of those around you.

It′s time to #SHINE.

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